We’re on the way to 100K — it’s time to make history together!

We're less than 500 away from 100K!

In 2009, we did something no one expected from a mid-sized electric company. We launched the area’s first and only fiber optics network, allowing us to provide our community with the nation’s fastest internet, as well as crystal-clear television and phone service. 

And then, our community amazed us by showing overwhelming support. Thousands of people just like you switched to EPB Fiber Optics for our locally operated, high-quality service. It is because of you that all of this was made possible.

Let’s show the world that we are #GigCity

Our community network is nearly 100,000 neighbors strong. Let’s show the world that fair, open internet with Gigabit speeds is possible. All it takes is an enthusiastic community who knows what it wants and makes it happen. Let’s show the world that we are #GigCity.

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