The Lunch Counter Sit-In’s

“We knew there was an injustice and we wanted to confront it. They said I couldn’t sit here so I was gonna sit here.” Behind the scenes there was a silent army of supporters…

Special thanks to our friends at Mindflow Media for sharing this video with us for our Black History Month program.

First Baptist Church

“The black church is the oldest surviving institution that exists in the African American community. In Chattanooga, one of the oldest institutions of First Baptist Church…”

Dr. Emma Wheeler

“Her legacy comes from caring for black people who didn’t have access to medical care. She eventually established Walden Hospital to meet this need and establish a new way of taking care of people…”

The 1968 & 1969 Riverside High State Basketball Champions

“Black students weren’t allowed to compete against white students in athletics. But in 1968 and 1969 Riverside High won back to back state championships, overcoming every challenge to demonstrate their drive to succeed…”   

Tiny Kennedy & Blues in Chattanooga

“Ninth Street, known today as Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard, was an epicenter of blues where local artists launched legendary careers. This city has been elemental and essential in the development of blues culture…”