ENERGY STAR/Energy Right Program

Energy efficient properties help reduce costs for homeowners and benefit our community by reducing local demand for power. So we offer incentives for you to build properties that use less energy, through ENERGY STAR® and Energy Right® Programs.

EPB’s Smart Build Certification Program

EPB’s Smart Build certification program offers builders added incentives for constructing homes that are both energy efficient and technologically fiber-ready for the future.

Smart Build contractors must satisfy criteria that includes:

  • Pre-wiring new construction with  CAT-5E Ethernet (download wiring guidelines here)
  • Installing dual CAT-5E outlets in each living space
  • Running all communications wiring to a centrally located "home run box"
  • Meeting a minimum HERS score of 93 or less, which can be achieved in part with:
    • Energy efficient windows
    • Higher insulation levels
    • More energy-efficient HVAC systems, water heaters & major appliances

As a result, Smart Build contractors receive incentives valued at up to $4,000 per home, including:

  • Complimentary blower door and duct blaster testing
  • TV commercials, yard signs, brochures and other materials to help promote your smart build home while it's on the market
  • A permanent, official plaque to place in each home to distinguish the home as a certified Smart Build home.

A dedicated Smart Build Concierge will be there every step of the way to ensure your homes receive certification. For more information or to participate in the Smart Build program contact EPB prior to new home construction by calling 423-531-SMRT (7678).