Business Power Tracker

EPB business power customers can view detailed and accurate energy data using the online energy profiler. The in-depth information about your usage helps you better manage energy efficiency, costs, demand and sustainability of your facilities. To find out more, complete the Business Service Request Form or call us at 423-648-1249.


Power Quality Analysis

EPB can provide you with a detailed, technical analysis of your internal electrical system. Utilizing state-of-the-art, sensitive test equipment, we’ll identify voltage sags and swells, harmonic distortion and any other potentially harmful problems.

After careful analysis of your electrical system, we’ll provide a comprehensive report that includes recommended corrective action to help you get the most from your power dollar.

Energy Check-Ups

EPB can help you identify energy conservation opportunities within your plant or building. In addition to reporting specific costs associated with energy losses and payback periods, our Energy Check-Ups project potential savings that could result from the installation of recommended devices or systems or from the modification of building operations, or building shell.

This includes projecting lighting system costs and economic analysis, and providing recommendations for lighting layouts, specifications, mounting heights, placement and aiming techniques. We’ll also conduct HVAC studies on new or existing equipment to help improve air circulation and efficiency, which may help reduce your facility's energy usage.