Green Power Switch - from EPB & TVA

For as little as 5% of your monthly electric power bill, your business can support the use of renewable energy resources like wind, solar power and methane gas – resources that create less waste and less pollution, and are located right here in the Tennessee Valley.

Every 300 kilowatt-hours of Green Power your business purchases offers the environmental equivalent of recycling 240 pounds of aluminum cans, recycling 800 pounds of newspaper or planting an entire acre of trees in the Chattanooga area.

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EPB will be happy to perform a comprehensive assessment to determine the energy efficiency of your business and provide advice to improving comfort and cost savings, while you earn money-saving rebates.

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Valley Investment Credit Program

EPB encourages businesses to pursue aggressive growth strategies - and boost economic development within our service area – by partnering with TVA to offer an Investment Credit Program for customers whose operations utilize electric power as a major component.

Customers who may be eligible:

  • Projected 1,001 kW monthly peak demand
  • Minimum of 25 employees or additional 5 million kWh annual usage
  • Existing industry invests 50% of plant's book value or $100 million over 5 years
  • New locating company invests $2.5 million over 5 years

Customers receive a monthly power bill credit for 5 years. To find out more, complete the Business Service Request Form or call us at 423-648-1249.

Manufacturing Credit

EPB encourages growth in the manufacturing sector by offering significant power cost savings to qualifying manufacturers, which in turn helps retain jobs in our service area.

The credit is available under Part 3 of the GSA schedule to customers that meet contract demand greater than 1,000 kW but not more than 5,000 kW, and meet the SIC code requirement for Manufacturing: (20 through 39)

In any month when the metered demand for firm power exceeds 1,000 kW, a credit is applied to each kW of metered demand used in determining the firm billing demand and each kWh of firm energy.

To find out more, complete the Business Service Request Form or call us at 423-648-1249.

Economic Development Loan Fund – from TVA

The Economic Development Loan Fund from TVA is a multimillion-dollar revolving loan program designed to stimulate capital investment and job creation in our region. These loans are made available to companies for fixed asset purposes such as plant expansion and equipment purchase. Depending on job creation and capital investment, loans are made for up to $2 million.

For more information, visit the Economic Development Loan Fund or call us at 423-648-3514.