Silverdale Academy Testimonial


A Pre-K through 12th Grade private school, Silverdale Academy relies heavily on the Internet for delivering lessons, grades, records and just about any electronic communication between its 1,000 students and 150 faculty. Through 65 wireless access points, David Barber and his IT team literally serve everything from cloud to computer – whether it’s Google Apps, streaming video, student Internet access and even their business phone system. So when it comes to robust Internet service, there’s no room for failing grades.

The Solution

EPB initially installed 100 Mbps Professional Internet Service but just recently bumped that bandwidth up to 150 Mbps to better handle the online workload. And, EPB replaced Silverdale’s three outdated phone systems with a single, large-scale PRI phone system with 85 handsets and the power to deliver 22 calls at one time.

The Result

“I’m EPB’s biggest cheerleader,” said David Barber, IT Director. “As far as Internet stability and thru-put, there’s really no better option – period. Even during our hectic exam periods the significant bandwidth EPB provides never fails. In fact, EPB is the one part of our IT system that I don’t have to worry about.”

EPB is the one part of our IT system that I don’t have to worry about.

David Barber, Silverdale Academy