Students of EPB Institute of Technology at Tyner Academy use their computers at the new learning laboratory.
Professor Gig-A-Watt

Engaging students with powerful presentations

Five labs feature real-world examples & hands-on experiments

  • Play It Safe (Grades K-2, 30 minutes) – a fun and informative presentation on how to be safe around electricity and what to do in a potential emergency.
  • Circuits (Grades 3-6, 1 hour) – an interactive lab teaches students about electrical circuits by having them build three different types with their own two hands.
  • Static Electricity (Grades 3-6, 1 hour) – students explore the origins of electricity, from Ben Franklin to today, with truly “electrifying” hands-on experiments.
  • Smart Grid (Grades 6-9, 40 minutes) - students get a chance to discover and interact with the same type of intelligent system of switches, circuits and meters that EPB uses to deliver electricity to their homes.
  • Potential Energy (Grades 3-7, 40 minutes) – students learn to identify ways energy is delivered through examples such as a lightning strikes and more. In addition to the power and danger presented by different sources of electricity, students learn how to stay safe around it.

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