Students of EPB Institute of Technology at Tyner Academy use their computers at the new learning laboratory.
Professor Gig-A-Watt

Engage your students with a virtual presentation

Choose an interactive lab that features real-world examples

Professor Gig-A-Watt offers the following virtual presentations at no cost to Hamilton County School educators. Each lesson is delivered via Zoom to students.

  • Play It Safe (Grades K-2, 30 minutes) – a fun and informative presentation on how to be safe around electricity and what to do in a potential emergency.
  • Solar Share Adventure Tour with Professor Gig-A-Watt and Friends (Grades 6-12, 60 minutes) – students learn about solar energy generation and how EPB is helping our neighbors take advantage of its power with Chattanooga's first and only community solar project, Solar Share.

To schedule, please complete the request form below or call Professor Gig-A-Watt directly at 423-648-1481.

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