Our Environmental Commitment

When it comes to our commitment to sustainability, we practice what we preach. Our downtown headquarters is LEED certified and our large fleet of bucket trucks, utility trucks and cars increasingly include biodiesel and hybrid vehicles. We also promote TVA's efforts to generate energy from renewable resources, such as wind and solar power.

As technology improves, green power is reducing dependence upon fossil fuels and hydroelectric dams. We take the long view approach with ongoing research and initiatives that benefit the Chattanooga community and provide value to our customers - both today and tomorrow.

LEED Certification

EPB’s downtown headquarters was the first building in Chattanooga to receive LEED certification for Existing Buildings, Operations and Maintenance. This certification focuses on the long term, cultural and operational processes that occur within commercial building. EPB must follow rigorous environmental guidelines in all areas of business, from energy use and recycling to cleaning methods and pest control to help protect our environment. It’s just one of many ways that EPB works to increase the quality of life for the people we serve.

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On average, over 50% of EPB’s fuel purchases go to greener alternative fuels such as bio diesel. Running vehicles on this fuel provides healthier work conditions for our crews and better air quality for our community.

Electric Vehicles

EPB is currently testing hybrid vehicle technology with the goal of reducing pollution and operational costs related to some of its heaviest trucks.

Three plug-in hybrid electric bucket trucks use a diesel chassis, but unlike conventional trucks, they use an electric power “takeoff unit” to operate the 55-foot boom. When a crew arrives on a job with these state-of-the-art trucks the diesel engine can be turned off, instead of idling for lengthy periods of time to power hydraulic equipment, while the boom operates with stored electricity.

In addition to these vehicles, EPB also offers free charging stations on the top floor of its downtown headquarters parking garage.

Carbon Dioxide

EPB's CY 2016 as-delivered co2 emission rate average for our non-commercial and non-industrial customers is 1010.97 co2 lbs/MWh. The co2 rates disclosed reflect TVA's 2016 renewable energy credit adjustment, which resulted in a reduction of 3.67 percent in its as-delivered co2 lbs/MWh rate.

Consistent with generally accepted voluntary carbon accounting standards and in response to customer requests, actual co2 emissions have been annually allocated to customers in the same manner as costs. EPB CY16 co2 lbs/MWh rate includes emissions and generation from owned and purchased power.

For disclosure of customer co2 rates for commercial and industrial customers appropriate for formal carbon accounting purposes, please contact EPB directly at 423-648-1372.