Update (9:00 PM): Following storms that swept through the Chattanooga area both on both Saturday and Sunday evening, EPB is working as quickly as possible to restore power to about 500 customers who continue to experience outages due to damage to the system. Over the last two days, the Smart Grid has prevented outages or auto-restored power to about 10,100 customers. EPB will continue working until all customers have power. Please check back for additional information. You may also refer to the Outage Map or call EPB Customer Service, 423-648-1EPB (1372).

Check Out CityStream On Demand

Check out CityStream On Demand - exclusively on EPB Fiber Optics. ityStream | E            

From arts and education to city government and locally produced talk shows, we’re proud to offer you the area’s best selection of local content available anywhere. You can even catch student-produced content such as sporting events, news shows, performances, ceremonies and more on your favorite high school’s very own on demand channel.

To access and watch CityStream, simply press “Menu,” “On Demand,” “More,” “Local” and “CityStream.”

To get CityStream, order Fi TV Select or click to upgrade.

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