Covid-19 Updates

Our Commitment

Like you, we’re very concerned about the spread of the Coronavirus, and we understand that your ability to work, learn, and stay connected is more vital than ever. That’s why our top priority is continuing to ensure the reliability of your services while taking extra steps to uphold the health and safety for you and our team members.

Using Chattanooga’s Smart Grid and community-wide fiber-to-the-home network, we have tools in place to provide you with highly reliable services with plenty of capacity to meet your needs as more people work and learn from home. Because we’re first responders, we’re accustomed to ensuring you have power and connectivity even in challenging situations. We have plans in place for many very difficult eventualities, including this one.

At EPB, we’re always here for you. And, we’re always ready to respond to keep your energy and connectivity services operating at the highest level.

Precautions to Reduce the Spread of Infection

In accordance with state and federal health guidelines and under the guidance of EPB’s company physician, EPB employees undergo a health screening on a daily basis including temperature check and responding to a questionnaire concerning potential COVID-19 contact and symptoms. If employees have had contact with a suspected case or show symptomology, they are immediately quarantined and must be tested for COVID-19. They must then remain quarantined and may not return to work until they obtain a negative COVID test and receive clearance from our company physician.  EPB also has contact tracing and notification procedures in place.

Installing New Customers and Service Call Appointments

To protect our customers, EPB has drastically reduced home service calls, both for installing new service and assisting customers with issues.

  • Whenever possible, we assist customers over the phone by doing self-guided installations and troubleshooting issues remotely. Customers are eligible for self-guided installation if EPB Fiber Optics services were previously installed at the home. In these instances, we will leave a router at your door and walk you through setup over the phone.
  • If an in-home installation or a service call is necessary, we take the following precautions:
    • An EPB customer service representative calls each customer the day before to confirm the appointment. At that time, we ask, “Have you or anyone in your home been diagnosed with COVID-19 or have had difficulty breathing or any cold or flu-like symptoms within the past 14 days? Has anyone in your home been exposed to flu-like symptoms or COVID-19 within the past 14 days?”  If the customer responds, “yes” to any of these questions, we reschedule the appointment for a later time when the customer has gotten clearance.
    • The EPB installation technician will also call before arriving to complete the service call and ask the same questions. Again, the appointment is rescheduled if there is any concern about possible infection.
    • Throughout a service call, installers will wear a mask, gloves, and maintain a 6-foot social distance from anyone in the home.
    • All technicians carry hand sanitizer and are instructed to wash their hands thoroughly before, during, and after each visit.
    • EPB equipment, like routers and set top boxes, are delivered in airtight bags.
    • EPB technicians always wear new boot covers upon entering the home.

Network Reliability

We remain fully staffed at all key locations to ensure continued Smart Grid and fiber optic network resilience and reliability. Our network was designed to provide you with ample access to the internet with speeds starting at 300 Mbps, enabling you to work and learn without data caps or throttling. 

Customer Service and Bill Payments

  • Our staff of customer service and technical support representatives can always be reached at 423-648-1372.
  • We’ve taken steps to equip many of our staff with at-home work capabilities so that we may continue providing you with the same quality of customer care you expect.
  • We're also here for you online:
  • All EPB lobbies are closed for walk-in customer care, but drive-thru locations and payment kiosks remain open for transactions.
  • Drive thru locations can be found at the following addresses:
    • 2124 Northpoint Blvd, Hixson
    • 830 Eastgate Loop, Chattanooga

Trouble Paying?

We’re standing by to refer you to utility assistance. We’ll also work with you individually to find the best options to help you maintain your services. Please chat with us now, or call us at 423-648-1372. We’re available 24/7/365 to assist you.

Scam Awareness

We encourage you to be vigilant and aware of scammers who continue to target our customers and threaten disconnection of service and ask for immediate payment. These scammers use texts, emails, and robo calls to threaten shut-off, demand immediate payment, and include instructions for payment. Authentic EPB communications simply ask customers to call for more information. 

Please call an EPB representative immediately at 423-648-1372 if you have any concerns about verification.