How to Read Your Meter

First, look at how the numbers are placed on the dials of the meter. You'll see that there are 5 small numbered dials that record electric power usage.


Notice how the numbers on the dials are placed. The numbers on the first, third and fifth dials are read clockwise, or as you would read the numbers on a clock. The numbers on the other 2 dials are read in the opposite direction.

To read your meter, view the numbers from left to right.


After you've read your meter, look at your last bill to find your most recent meter reading. Then simply subtract that amount from the reading that you just did. The result is the amount of electricity (in kilowatt hours or kWh) that you have used since the last reading.

What if the hand is directly on a number?

Look at the two dials to the right. Has the hand on the right-hand dial passed zero? If it hasn't passed zero, then record the number that the hand on the left is pointing to. The reading above would be 69.



However, if the hand on the right-hand dial has passed zero as shown below, record the number that the hand on the left is actually sitting on. Using this example, the reading for these dials would be 70.

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