Your guide to becoming an Internet customer

Our installation process includes two steps:

Outside your home: Sometime between now and your installation appointment we will mount an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) box outside of your home near your existing electric meter.

There’s no need for you to be at home but we may need access to a part of your home that is fenced or houses a family pet. If so, we will conduct this phase during the most convenient time for you and your pet.

Inside your home: During your scheduled installation appointment, someone age 18 or older will need to be home. Typical installations take from 2-5 hours.

During this visit, we will be running fiber optic service from the outdoor ONT box to indoor connections designated for internet, TV and/or phone service. When installation is complete, all work areas will be cleaned and returned to their original state.

Our EPB Fiber Optics technicians will transfer your email contacts and give you a handy welcome kit with helpful Quick Start Guides that show how to use popular features for each service.

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