Other Key Features

Anonymous Call Rejection – to ignore an incoming call, simply dial *77# while the phone is ringing.

Call Blocking – to activate selective call rejection, press *60#. Press *80# to deactivate this feature.  

Call Forwarding – to send calls to a mobile phone or other number, dial *72, enter the forwarding phone number and press # to activate. To deactivate, dial *73# from your home phone.

Call ID Blocking – to block your number from appearing on a caller ID, just press *67 then the phone number then #. You must do this for each call you wish to use this feature.

Call Return – to automatically return the last incoming missed call, dial *69# from your home phone. To deactivate this option, dial *89# from your home phone.

Call Screening – to activate selective call acceptance, press *64#. Press *84# to deactivate this feature.

Call Trace – to trace a unknown caller press *57, then 1, then #

Call Transfer – to transfer a caller to another person, press the “Flash/Talk” button, dial the number where the call is being transferred, then hang up.

Call Waiting – to answer an incoming call while on a call, press the “Flash/Talk” button. To temporarily deactivate call waiting for a single call, dial *70 before dialing the number. To turn off call waiting during an active call, dial *70 then press “Flash/Talk.”

Repeat Dial – to dial a number multiple times in a row, dial *66# and then the phone number. After that, just press “Flash/Talk” button to initiate dialing that same number each time. To deactivate redialing that number, press *86#.

Speed Dialing – store up to 30 numbers. Dial *75, assign a speed dial number (any number between 20-49), then dial the number you would like to store, including the area code. To call a speed dial number, press the assigned speed dial number and then press #.

Three Way Calling – bring a third caller into an existing call by pressing “Flash/Talk” (placing the first caller on hold), wait for a dial tone and dial the third caller’s number, then press “Flash/Talk” again for all parties to join the conversation.


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