Scam Alert: EPB is receiving reports that some customers are receiving scam robo calls demanding immediate payment for their electric/fiber bills to avoid disconnection. These calls may appear to come from an EPB number, but EPB never demands payment in an automated phone message. Instead, we simply ask customers to call back for more information.  Please disregard if you receive a robo call demanding that you press a button and make an immediate payment. If you have questions or concerns, please call (423) 648-1372. EPB is here 24/7/365 to serve you.

Other Key Features

Anonymous Call Rejection – to ignore an incoming call, simply dial *77# while the phone is ringing.

Call Blocking – to activate selective call rejection, press *60#. Press *80# to deactivate this feature.  

Call Forwarding – to send calls to a mobile phone or other number, dial *72, enter the forwarding phone number and press # to activate. To deactivate, dial *73# from your home phone.

Call ID Blocking – to block your number from appearing on a caller ID, just press *67 then the phone number then #. You must do this for each call you wish to use this feature.

Call Return – to automatically return the last incoming missed call, dial *69# from your home phone. To deactivate this option, dial *89# from your home phone.

Call Screening – to activate selective call acceptance, press *64#. Press *84# to deactivate this feature.

Call Trace – to trace a unknown caller press *57, then 1, then #

Call Transfer – to transfer a caller to another person, press the “Flash/Talk” button, dial the number where the call is being transferred, then hang up.

Call Waiting – to answer an incoming call while on a call, press the “Flash/Talk” button. To temporarily deactivate call waiting for a single call, dial *70 before dialing the number. To turn off call waiting during an active call, dial *70 then press “Flash/Talk.”

Repeat Dial – to dial a number multiple times in a row, dial *66# and then the phone number. After that, just press “Flash/Talk” button to initiate dialing that same number each time. To deactivate redialing that number, press *86#.

Speed Dialing – store up to 30 numbers. Dial *75, assign a speed dial number (any number between 20-49), then dial the number you would like to store, including the area code. To call a speed dial number, press the assigned speed dial number and then press #.

Three Way Calling – bring a third caller into an existing call by pressing “Flash/Talk” (placing the first caller on hold), wait for a dial tone and dial the third caller’s number, then press “Flash/Talk” again for all parties to join the conversation.


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