Scam Alert: EPB is receiving reports that some customers are receiving scam robo calls demanding immediate payment for their electric/fiber bills to avoid disconnection. These calls may appear to come from an EPB number, but EPB never demands payment in an automated phone message. Instead, we simply ask customers to call back for more information.  Please disregard if you receive a robo call demanding that you press a button and make an immediate payment. If you have questions or concerns, please call (423) 648-1372. EPB is here 24/7/365 to serve you.


From arts and education to city government and locally produced talk shows, we’re proud to offer you the area’s best selection of local content available anywhere. You can even catch student-produced content such as sporting events, news shows, performances, ceremonies and more on your favorite high school’s very own on demand channel.

To access and watch CityStream, simply press “Menu,” “On Demand,” “More,” “Local” and “CityStream.”

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