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American Holly

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Native trees and shrubs provide food and natural habitats for local wildlife and help reduce soil erosion, without invading our landscape. Consider planting this species, which is indigenous to the southeastern United States.
Tree / Shrub Type

American Holly

Ilex opaca

The stout, stiff branches of this pyramidal evergreen bear dark green, non-glossy, spine-tipped leaves. The female plants feature bright red berries. The evergreen fruiting branches from wild and planted trees are popular Christmas decorations. Many varieties are typically grown for ornament, shade and hedges.

  • Dimensions: 15-30 feet tall, 10-20 feet wide
  • Water Use: Medium to wet
  • Light Requirement: Sun, Partial Shade, Shade
  • Soil Moisture: Dry to moist soil
  • Ornamental Use: Long-living, understory, screens, fruits ornamental, attractive, mass planting
  • Wildlife: Berries attract many bird and small mammal species. Provides cover and nesting sites.

Details: American Holly

Mature Size

H: 15'-30' W: 10'-20'

Water Requirements

Medium / Wet

Light Requirements

Shade / Partial Shade / Sun

Soil Moisture

Dry / Moist



Wildlife Value

Food / Nesting