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Your guide to movie nights and binge-watching during social distancing.

Invite your favorite people to a digital Netflix Party

Host long distance movie nights and TV watch parties with Netflix’s new app, Netflix Party. It’s the perfect way to watch Netflix with your friends and family. 

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Watch movies "In Theaters" right at home!

Major theatrical movies currently in theaters are now available for rent or purchase on multiple streaming services. Plus, if you have EPB Fi TV Select and still use a Set Top Box, you can rent them in your Video On Demand library.

  • Capone — Available Now!
  • Scoob! — Available now!
  • The King of Staten Island — Available June 12!
    • AMC | Amazon Prime | Apple TV | EPB Fi TV Select (Set Top Box) Video On Demand
  • Artemis Fowl — Available June 12
    • AMC | Amazon Prime | Apple TV | EPB Fi TV Select (Set Top Box) Video On Demand
  • Emma — Available now!
  • The Invisible Man — Available now!
  • The Hunt — Available now!
  • Onward — Available now via AMC
  • Trolls World Tour — Available April 10

Come back later to view more upcoming titles.

New releases to watch on your streaming apps

Catch these new TV shows and movies on your favorite streaming services.

  • The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon ValleyHBO
  • Westworld S3 — HBO
  • Clemency Amazon Prime
  • Hunters S1 — Amazon Prime 
  • Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan S2 — Amazon Prime
  • Making the Cut Amazon Prime
  • Ozark S3 — Netflix (available March 27)
  • Ragnarok S1 — Netflix
  • Uncorked — Netflix (available March 27)
  • Onward — Disney+ (available April 3)
  • Little Fires Everywhere S1 — Hulu

Short-term programming changes, plus updates

You may notice a few changes, such as frequent re-runs or COVID-related features, in your scheduled programming. This is because several networks have temporarily hit the brakes on creating new episodes and are focusing on COVID-19-related programming.

As circumstances continue to change, your TV guide may not accurately reflect the most recent channel updates. To view the full list programming updates, click here.

We hope you stay safe, healthy, and entertained over the coming weeks! Follow us on our social media channels or visit for the latest updates.