Comfortable, convenient, efficient

With your busy daily life, taking steps to maintain a more comfortable home is something you shouldn’t have to worry about. And now you don’t - with EPB AirCare.

Heating and air professionals suggest changing your home’s filters every three months and adding a smart thermostat will help maintain cleaner indoor air and and a more energy-efficient heating and air system. EPB AirCare takes care of it all - worry-free.

Meet the Lux WiFi Smart Thermostat

For just $24.99 per month* EPB will:

  • Install and maintain a Lux WiFi connected thermostat that can be controlled using an online portal as well as a smart phone app. We’ll clean up after ourselves and even recycle your old thermostat.
  • Deliver and install** new air filters every three months, custom fit to your home’s heating and air system.
  • Provide 24/7 technical support at no additional charge.

To sign up for EPB AirCare, call 423-648-1372 or use the form below to request a call anytime day or night. Be prepared to provide the number of heating and air units in your home and their particular filter sizes for faster service. 

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* EPB AirCare is $24.99 plus tax, per month for each thermostat and will be added to your normal electric bill. Additional thermostats are available for $24.99 plus tax. Participants must be the homeowner, live in Hamilton County, have an Electric Central Heating & Air system and an internet WiFi connection. There’s a one-year minimum contract to participate, with a $100 fee for early cancellation to cover the cost of equipment.

** Someone 18 years or older must be home during filter installation. Otherwise, filters will be dropped off at your home.