Worry-free WiFi that works for your business.

Wireless public Internet access brings customers in the door -

and keeps them there longer. No other local provider offers a more hassle-free, turn-key hosted WiFi solution than EPB Fiber Optics.

From assessing your Internet connectivity and ensuring the right equipment to professional installation and round-the-clock tech support, EPB Fiber Optics takes the frustration out of WiFi network configuration and management.

Here's how:

  • The right equipment for your bandwidth density and throughput, professionally installed and managed by EPB
  • Easy network management, including ultra-secure guest access
  • Branded login page and user analytic information
  • Expert, anytime local tech support available 24/7/365

Give us a call.

Call 423-648-1500 and let us help you become a local WiFi hotspot and do business, even better.