The information below applies to customers who subscribed to our new Fi TV product on or after July 22, 2019. If you subscribed to Fi TV before July 22, 2019, please click here for additional help and supporting documents.

After you order Fi TV, the next step in getting started is to download and install the Fi TV app on your streaming devices. The videos and documents within the links below include step-by-step instructions for the most popular online platforms.

Click here to see supported streaming devices.

How to Watch Your Fi TV

Streaming Devices (like Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, Apple TV, smart TVs, etc.)

Mobile Devices (like Android & Apple tablets and smart phones)

Web Browsers (like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)

Local, award-winning service and tech support for your family's needs

It’s delivered over the world’s fastest internet - get 300 Mbps symmetrical internet speed (more than 3X faster than most competitors) that enables you to stream with no buffering, lagging or slowdowns regardless of the number of devices being used at the same time. And, you can upgrade to the Gig for only $10 more – for the area’s best internet value. Plus, no other provider offers faster internet.


• Unlimited DVR (optional): Record as many programs as you want and keep them up to 9 months. Stream them anytime, anywhere on most streaming devices, phones and tablets with the new EPB Fi TV. 

• Restart: Miss the beginning of a program? No problem. With Restart, you can start most shows over from the beginning with the click of a button at any time while they are airing.

• Replay: Never miss a show again! With Replay, you can replay shows and movies up to three days after they air. You don’t even have to set a DVR to record or wait for shows to appear in the Video on Demand library.

• Six streams of simultaneous viewing included with each subscription. Additional streams (up to 4 more) are available for $2.50 each per month. No other provider offers six streams standard. Plus, family members can set their own profile and preferences.

• Seamlessly switch between live TV and other streaming services on one screen without changing inputs.

• FREE Video on Demand to watch back episodes and current episodes of popular TV shows and movies (number of titles depends on channel package selected).

• Free in-home installation of Fi TV, with set up on each Fi TV supported device on your home’s WiFi network.

• No contracts

• No surprise charges or hidden fees

• Unbeatable 24/7 local customer service

• Available for Apple, Android and Amazon-compatible devices or via any web browser.

Yes. You can have up to 6 streams/6 devices using the service at one time on one IP address, unless you purchase additional streams. Up to four additional streams can be purchased for $2.50 each for a total of up to 10 streams.

Since the new Fi TV no longer requires a Set Top Box, you will use the remote that comes with your streaming device or smart TV to control Fi TV – just like you do with other apps like Netflix or Hulu.

If your TV is not a compatible smart TV, then yes. However, streaming devices can be moved from TV to TV if you don’t want to buy one for every TV. Also, remember you can watch Fi TV on other streaming devices such as tablets and smart phones.

You can record as many shows as you like at the same time and not take up any of your streams. So you can record on several channels at the same time and still watch up to 6 streams (or more with additional stream purchase) on other channels and devices while you are recording.

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