Solar Share Energy Offsets

One way you can participate in the Solar Share community is by purchasing energy offsets to lower your carbon footprint generated by day-to-day activities. You can start small, like offsetting your cell phone, or go big for an event, like a wedding.

What are Energy Offsets?

Energy Offsets can help you visualize and understand the carbon emissions that are produced by everyday activities — activities that you normally wouldn’t think twice about. Understanding the environmental cost of common activities can help you work toward reducing your carbon footprint while contributing to the future production of Solar Share power.

Energy Offset Packages

Here are some examples of how you can support the future production of renewable solar energy here in our hometown. For each $5 block you purchase, you’re ensuring 100 kWh of Solar Share power is added back to the grid.

  • $70 per month (14 blocks) offsets a medium size heat pump (1100-2000 sq ft)
  • $20 per month (4 blocks) offsets your water heater
  • $10 per month (2 blocks) offsets your Kitchen appliances
  • $5 per month (1 block) offsets your entertainment and communication devices (TV, streaming device, computer, cell phone)