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Yes. We can help you improve productivity by giving your teleworkers a world-class connectivity solution that includes the world’s fastest internet, professi...

Yes. In most cases they can help you over the phone. We also have tools to remote-in to your devices if you grant permission. We are also happy to send a tec...

Since the EPB Fi TV app no longer requires a set top box, you will use the remote that comes with your streaming device or smart TV to control Fi TV – just l...


Learn all the features of your Fi TV Select remote control

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Try pressing the STB button located in the upper left of your remote to sync it with your tv’s set top box. Then your remote will begin controlling Fi TV ins...


Learn all the functions and features of the Fire TV Stick remote control used with Fi TV.

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You can use the voice control on applicable device remotes (like Amazon Fire TV Stick and Apple TV) to search for programs by title within Fi TV's “sear...

In most cases, yes. If you are using a current Fire TV Stick or Apple TV you can use that device’s remote for everything without having to change inputs betw...

Unfortunately we cannot, because each Fire TV Stick only comes with one remote.


Channel listings by package

The interactive guide below may include temporary, free preview channels that are not available in the package you select.
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