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EPB Smart network for Business Terms and Conditions

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Watch this video to learn more about why the EPB Smart Grid has been referred to as the nation's Smarter Grid.

Yes. EPB will be happy to set up any new devices for you at no additional charge. In most instances, one of our highly trained technical support individuals ...

Yes, you will be billed for the router and any extenders.

If you are terminating your EPB Fiber Optics Fi TV or EPB Smart Network service, you must return all EPB-supplied equipment to avoid added charges to your ac...

Smart Network for Business includes a multi-gig-supported WiFi 6 mesh router, antivirus software for your devices, EPB email set up (if desired), 4 GIG LAN p...

Yes. The router has 'parental/business controls' that can block specific URLs or URL keywords. If you would like specific content to be blocked, yo...

Yes. EPB has inherent blocking characteristics provided by NAT. In other words, all incoming ports are blocked unless there is an established outbound sessio...

Yes. Our solutions are scalable to grow and expand with your business. In addition to upgrading internet speed and equipment, you can also move to our enterp...

Smart Network for Business is targeted to small business WiFi needs, like small offices, coffee shops, nail/hair salons, car repair shops, or similar retail ...


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