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EPB EVC 22 Dec - Electric Vehicle Charging Rate

Monthly cost rate for electic vehicle charging.
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Yes. A letter of reference from your previous utility may serve in place of a security deposit. Letters must be printed on the utility’s letterhead, authorized by a company official, less than six months old and include a good record of payment for at least 12 months.  Also, a co-signer (or guarantor) who is an existing EPB Electric Power customer with a good payment record for at least 12 months may serve in place of a security deposit. The guarantor will be asked to sign an agreement that will remain in effect for one year.

Since every EPB Electric Power customer account uses power before the first bill is received, we require an initial deposit of $200.00 to cover the cost of this power. However, all new applicants for service undergo a review of their credit history and those with a satisfactory credit rating may have the deposit waived or billed on the first month's bill. Customers with less than satisfactory credit will be required to pay a deposit in advance. Deposits may be paid using Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, debit card or cash in person at one of our three convenient locations and must be paid before electric service can be connected.

You will receive emails for when your bills are due. They include the billing amount, due date and a link to paying them online. You can also access previous bills electronically. Make a one-time payment using a credit or debit card or pay by phone or in person or set up autopay for automatic monthly payment.

Part of our Smart Grid system, digital smart meters have the ability to communicate with the power system and measure your electric consumption every 15 minutes. If there is a power outage or unusual consumption at your home or business we can respond immediately and fix the problem. You can view your own consumption, report outages and more on the MyEPB app.

Download the myEPB app

Our Budget Billing option generates a monthly amount due based on your last 12 months of service. At the end of the year, your actual usage will be deducted from the amount you have paid and we will settle any difference in billing (you will receive either a credit or an invoice for the balance due).

To sign up for budget billing, please call us at (423) 648-1372.

No. Indoor airPlus is a third-party certification program from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that ensures healthier indoor air quality by recommending certain building practices and product types. While some of the EPB Zero Energy Resource Guide recommendations are similar to those of the EPA Indoor airPlus program, they are not meant to satisfy certification requirements of any kind.

Previous participants have reported an average of $400 per year in energy savings. Plus, they avoided potentially costly repairs, maintenance and healthcare visits due to improved health from better air quality.

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