Scam Alert: EPB is receiving reports that some customers are receiving scam robo calls demanding immediate payment for their electric/fiber bills to avoid disconnection. These calls may appear to come from an EPB number, but EPB never demands payment in an automated phone message. Instead, we simply ask customers to call back for more information.  Please disregard if you receive a robo call demanding that you press a button and make an immediate payment. If you have questions or concerns, please call (423) 648-1372. EPB is here 24/7/365 to serve you.


Working at EPB

EPB Fiber Optics

Since 2000, EPB Fiber Optics has grown into one of the nation’s most technologically advanced and customer-focused provider of internet, TV, telephone and business solutions. Positions within the division include customer care specialists, network technicians, switch technicians, technical consultants and engineering technicians.

EPB Electric

Working on the “front lines” to ensure uninterrupted electric power for our customers, these dedicated people are responsible for the design, planning and operation of our entire power system – including the Smart Grid, maintenance of all equipment and facilities, and development of plans and standards for future system improvements. To achieve these complex and interwoven goals, engineers and technicians work in substation design, substation maintenance, system planning, mapping/GIS, environmental system and forestry/vegetation control.

EPB Customer Care

Meeting the customer service needs of more than 165,000 electric power customers and nearly 75,000 fiber optics customers is no small task. That is why our Customer Relations division is made up of local individuals with a unique combination of financial, problem-solving and people skills. Positions include billing, remittance processing and credit/collections, as well as customer service jobs in our service call center and walk-in branch offices. 

Other areas of career opportunity across EPB include:

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