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Deploying a fiber network is challenging. We are privileged to share our ten years of experience in this changing marketplace with you.

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Support from industry experts and access to our spectrum of energy, internet, video and voice services can help you improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs and launch your broadband network at record pace.

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As a utility, we understand your role in the community.

Using knowledge gained from ten years of real-word broadband experience, we can help you empower your community from concept through implementation. We’ll also help you bring a wide range of energy, internet, video, and voice products to the market.

Our end-to-end portfolio of cost-effective solutions can help you navigate the complexities of building a community fiber network. With our help, you’ll accelerate your speed to market, deliver exceptional service and technical support, and reduce your financial risk.

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We've proven the impacts of a community-wide fiber network

$2.69 billion in community benefits
9,516 local jobs created and retained
14,000+ students with home internet access
60% or more of local fiber broadband market share

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