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Chattanooga outage and storm center

Report an outage and stay informed.

Energy Outages

Our systems automatically receive your report for your restoration.

Fiber Optics Outages

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Ways to Report an Outage


Report via App

Download to report and track outage restoration status.


Report via Text

Text “OUTAGE” to 423-648-1372 to report.


Report via Chat

Chat with a representative to report an outage.


Track power outages and energy restoration

  • Report energy outages from your smartphone
  • Monitor restoration efforts at your home and throughout the community
  • Better anticipate bills based on current usage vs usage history
  • Monitor usage spikes to proactively address possible issues
Chattanooga outage and storm center map

Outage and Safety Tips

We all depend on electricity every day, and miss greatly during an outage. So it’s good to know how to power our lives safely – even during a storm.

For any other question, get in touch with us