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Smart Grid helps us provide reliable power to our customers
Smart Grid

Redefining reliability with a smarter Smart Grid

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Get the most from the energy you use every day

Intuitive, next generation technology not only delivers exceptional reliability, it gives you the power to take control of your energy use.

  • 9,000-mile fiber optic backbone
  • Over 1,400 switches automatically reroute power
  • Smart meters provide real-time usage information
  • Monitor your home energy use with the myEPB app
  • Outage minutes saved exceed 161 million
  • 55% reduction in outage minutes since launch
Smart Grid Savings

Reliable and efficient

EPB Smart Grid intelligence not only reduces outages for our customers by sensing and reacting to disruptions automatically, it reduces carbon emissions related to service calls and repairs.




The Smart Grid works to keep your home comfortable

  • Instantly reroutes power in seconds when necessary
  • Smart meters for reliable power delivery & real-time usage data
  • Helps customers avoid nearly 19 million outage minutes each year
  • Next-generation technology maximizes reliability
  • Minimizes power outages for every EPB customer

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Reliable power with Smart Grid

Leading advanced Smart Grid technology research

By isolating geographic areas into smaller, independent “microgrids,” we are exploring new ways of utilizing Smart Grid technology to maximize reliable energy delivery.

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Our promise to you

Reliable power with Smart Grid

Smarter energy and connectivity solutions for our future

Through ongoing research with local and national leaders, we are utilizing the nation’s most advanced Smart Grid and world’s fastest internet to develop new technologies.

Get connected to the nation’s smartest Smart Grid