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Take advantage of resources and services designed to help you use energy more wisely, improve your home's comfort and control your costs.

  • Maximize usage with our free Home Energy Checkup
  • See real-time energy use with our free myEPB app
  • Find big power users with our bill analysis tool
  • Call for free, unbiased solar energy advice
  • Get more predictable bills with Levelized Billing
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Put your home’s energy use in the palm of your hand

  • See your usage in real time so you can better manage energy costs
  • Better anticipate bills based on current usage vs. usage history
  • Monitor usage spikes to proactively address possible efficiency issues
  • Report outages and monitor restoration progress on your smart phone
Blower Door Testing

Pinpoint air leaks to save energy and money

  • Air leaks in your home can mean unnecessary energy waste
  • A blower door test by EPB Energy Pros detects drafts and leaks
  • We will also help you understand how to quickly seal doors and windows
  • Schedule your home's blower door test for $250
Electric Vehicles

Explore the benefits of electric vehicles

  • Owners of an EV have the advantage of much lower running costs
  • There is relatively little servicing so they're cheaper to maintain
  • Environmental benefits include less pollution & eco-friendly materials
  • Safety improvements due to the low center of gravity
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Environmental Stewardship

Together we can make Chattanooga a greener community

Outdoor Lighting

Improve safety and visibility on your home’s property

  • Attractive, energy-efficient LED lighting options
  • Both wooden and concrete pole options available
  • Convenient, 24/7 support and worry-free maintenance
  • Get started for as little as $15/mo. with little or no upfront costs

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