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The best streaming starts with the best internet.

Why should you cut the cord?

Yes, streaming can save you money — but it also gives you more control over your TV content. And, since you can cancel most streaming services anytime, there’s nothing stopping you from experimenting to find the best combination of services for you.

No Set Top Boxes or Wires

And no set top box rental fees! Watch on your smart TV or streaming device.

Saving money every month

Many streaming services are under $10 per month and some are even free with ads.

Don’t pay for what you don’t watch

Subscribe to the streaming services you enjoy and ditch the ones you don’t.

Flexibility to start and stop

It’s easy to add an app and try it out! Most services let you cancel anytime.

Hundreds of option - many are free

There are countless streaming options available for every genre and budget.

Watch anywhere. Including live TV

Local channels, primetime TV, and live sports are all available to stream.

Streaming Services

Whether you’re looking for live TV and sports, local news, world-changing documentaries, hit movies or binge-able series, these popular streaming apps are favorites among cord-cutters and traditional TV watchers alike.

Millions are cutting the cord every year.

We’ve compiled some statistics to ease your worries about switching to streaming.


Potential savings per household for those who switch to Live TV Streaming

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We’re Here to Help

Whether you’re ready to cut the cord or just adding a few streaming services, we’re here to simplify your streaming experience.

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