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Home Uplift (applications currently closed)

Get FREE home energy updates worth up to $10,000!

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The EPB and TVA Home Uplift (HUP) program provides FREE home energy upgrades to qualifying homes in our community — worth up to $10,000! On average, Home Uplift participants save over $400 on their energy bills each year.

The program is not currently accepting applications, but you are encouraged to sign-up for updates and be the first to know when they re-open in our area!

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How does it work?

  • Review the income qualifications below
  • Click "Apply now" to get started
  • An EPB Energy Pro will visit your home to confirm eligibility
  • Provide the necessary documentation
  • Get ready to enjoy your home energy upgrades!
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Prefer to print and mail your application? Choose the one below that best describes you.

What energy-saving updates could your home use?

A new heating and cooling system?
Energy-efficient doors or windows?
An upgraded water heater?
Added insulation in your attic?

Am I eligible for a Home Uplift?

We welcome applications from homeowners and renters who meet the following criteria:

  • You're an EPB Energy customer
  • You meet the income qualifications below
  • You reside in a single-family home or manufactured home (Manufactured homes must be built after 1976 and on a permanent foundation)
  • You have not received upgrades to current residence in a similar TVA-funded project in the last 20 years

Income Qualifications

Please take a moment to review the income qualifications necessary to participate in the EPB and TVA Home Uplift Program. Please call 1-888-986-7262 with questions or if your household size is greater than eight.

Household Size


Income Threshold


Household Size


Income Threshold


Household Size


Income Threshold


Household Size


Income Threshold


Household Size


Income Threshold


Household Size


Income Threshold


Household Size


Income Threshold


Household Size


Income Threshold


Household Size

Each Additional

Income Threshold

Please Call


About the program

Since launching in 2015, EPB has worked with hundreds of homeowners through Home Uplift to provide upgrades that have dramatically reduced their power bills, energy usage and significantly enhanced the comfort and air quality of their homes

Home Uplift is a community-driven program staffed by EPB Energy Pros with funding from EPB, TVA, City of Chattanooga, and TDEC.

Apply Today!

If you think you may qualify based on the information above, please review the additional information below that you may need during the process.

  1. Whether you are a homeowner or renter, if your application shows zero income, you must complete and submit this Zero Income Certification along with your application form. Descargue en espanol aqui.
  2. If you are applying as a renter, you must be the EPB Electric Account Holder for the residence, and bills should be in the applicant’s name unless the landlord is the account holder. Landlord consent is required for participation. Landlord must sign and date the renter’s application and agree to certain conditions for the home to qualify for the Home Uplift Program. There are no income requirements for landlords.

Note: Up to 30% of FY 22/23 HUP participants may be renters.

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Have Questions?

If you or your landlord have questions about this application and need assistance, call 1-888-986-7262.