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Electrical Safety

Be careful with the power of electricity


Consider these helpful tips for staying safe around electric

From hair dryers to bottle warmers, electricity is such an integral part of enhancing our daily lives that we sometimes take it for granted.

And while it does power much of our routine, it can be a dangerous tool if used improperly.

Electrical safety tips to keep in mind :

  • Power cords – make sure they are intact without nicks or frays. And, make sure you use extension cords rated for the wattage of the item plugged into them.
  • Outlet covers – always childproof your exposed outlets from curious hands. Plastic covers are affordable and the peace of mind is priceless.
  • Stay dry – to avoid electrical shock NEVER touch electrical equipment or power cords in wet conditions or with wet hands.
  • GFCI outlets – installed near sinks and potentially wet areas will automatically interrupt deadly electrical current before it’s too late.
  • Safe outlet use – never overload outlets with too many plugs. Use grounded power strips for multiple plugs. And, never ever break the third, grounded, prong off a grounded plug.
  • Space heater space – keep rugs, clothes, paper and other materials free and clear of heat vents, space heaters and other heat generators.
  • Keep appliances cool – make sure major appliances have space to ventilate so they don’t over heat and cause a fire.
  • Dryer lint – ALWAYS clean the dryer vent screen between every load. Heat from the dryer can set lint on fire if not vented properly. And never run the dryer when you are not at home.
  • Hire an electrician – ANY time you need to access the inside of your electrical panel to add or replace wiring or breakers.


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