America’s most dependable energy delivery

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Systems working to ensure your power stays on

We’re constantly monitoring energy delivery and taking steps to ensure you have reliable electric service

  • Next-generation technology maximizes reliability
  • Smart Grid computers help minimize outages
  • Power is instantly rerouted when necessary
  • Tree trimming helps keep limbs out of power lines
  • We’ll help you find safe planting locations
  • Call before you dig to avoid buried utility lines

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Smart Grid

We’re ensuring America’s most reliable power delivery

  • 9,000-mile fiber optic backbone with thousands of computer sensors
  • Over 1,400 switches automatically reroute power when necessary
  • Smart meters provide real-time power usage information
  • 161 million outage minutes saved – a 55% reduction – since launch
Vegetation Management

Our arborists help keep foliage away from power lines

  • Trees & shrubs on your property can grow into power lines & equipment
  • Continuous trimming to keep falling limbs from downing power lines
  • Expert arborists ensure the health and beauty of foliage
  • Our pros offer advice on where and when to plant trees & shrubs
Call before you dig

Don’t break ground until you know it’s safe

  • Planting trees, setting fence posts & more requires digging
  • You could be at risk of damaging buried utility lines
  • Hitting power lines could result in expensive repairs or even injury
  • Call 811 to locate underground lines before it’s too late

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