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Save money with an energy checkup in Chattanooga
Save Energy & Money

Get the most value & comfort from your home’s energy

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Let's maximize your home's efficiency & comfort

Improve your home's efficiency, whether it's 50 years old or currently under construction, with expert advice and the right programs to help.

  • Schedule a free Home Energy Checkup
  • Monitor your energy use on the free myEPB app
  • Watch helpful videos to boost your efficiency
  • Get free expert tips on changes you can make today
  • Perform your own home efficiency evaluation
  • Learn about the advantages of smart thermostats
Save energy with an energy checkup in Chattanooga
Energy Saving Tips

Start saving energy and money right now

Check out these quick and easy low-cost and no-cost improvements you make right now to increase your home’s efficiency – and start saving energy and money.


See your home's energy use, securely pay EPB bills and more!

  • View up-to-the-minute energy usage so you can better anticipate bills
  • Pay your Energy and Fiber Optics bills conveniently and securely
  • Report outages and monitor restoration progress on your smart phone
  • Get app notifications for outage updates, bill alerts & usage spikes
Monitor your energy usage in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Blower Door and Duct Blaster Testing

  • Enlist our Energy Pros to perform tests to assess air leakage
  • Repairing air leaks can decrease residential heating and cooling costs
  • Help ensure better energy efficiency while meeting building codes
  • Included at no charge as part of the Smart Build program
  • Available for homes not participating in Smart Build for only $250

Learn ways to save with a free Home Energy Checkup