Preventing power outages at EPB
Vegetation Management Maintaining natural beauty & helping prevent outages
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Keeping nature and energy delivery in balance

Trees and shrubs in your yard can grow into power lines and equipment. Our expert team of arborists prune them to specifications that prevent potential outages – while keeping them healthy.

We prevent power outages from affecting our Chattanooga customers
Why we trim

Working to keep you safe and prevent outages

Our arborists know exactly how to ensure the health and beauty of foliage within guidelines that keep trees and shrubs from potentially causing outages during storms.

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Working to prevent power outages in Chattanooga at EPB

Knowing where to plant trees and shrubs is a good first step

Different varieties of plant life grow in unique ways and at different heights. Anticipating future growth is your key to properly planting new additions to your property.

The cool, crisp Autumn weather is the perfect time to plant

We’ll show the proper ways to safely introduce new trees and shrubs around your property. Explore these helpful tips for Fall planting.

Working to prevent power outages in Chattanooga at EPB

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Outdoor Lighting

Illuminate your property for greater safety, security & aesthetics.


Discover how we invest in sustainable, eco-friendly energy solutions.