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Levelized Billing

Avoid unexpected spikes in your monthly energy bill

It's easy to enroll

Predictable bills are just a click away

  • Log into your myEPB account
  • We'll display the average of your last 12 months of energy use
  • This is your starting Levelized Billing payment
  • Enroll and your payment will remain about this much each month
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How does it work?

Relieve the stress of budgeting

Enroll in Levelized Billing and your monthly bill will be based on an average of your power use over the last 12 months.

Easier Budgeting

Easily predict what your bill will be each month

No Surprises

Avoid spikes in your bill during peak usage months

No True Ups

No settling up differences at the end of the year

EPB Energy Prosâ„ 

Want to learn even more?

Our EPB Energy Pros are always here to help. In this video, Carrie and Angela talk more about the advantages of Levelized Billing.



Watch this video to learn even more about Levelized Billing

Auto Pay

Never miss a payment with auto draft & credit card options.

Paperless Billing

Go green and receive your monthly bills in your inbox vs. your mailbox