High speed fiber optic internet in Chattanooga, TN
Fi-Speed Internet®

The world’s fastest internet lives in Chattanooga

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Get internet speeds up to 10x faster than any other provider

Power all your devices simultaneously and explore unlimited possibilities with the area’s only 100% fiber optic network.

  • Up to 10x faster than any other provider
  • No data caps, speed throttling or lag
  • 24/7 expert local tech support & customer service
  • The only equal upload & download speeds
  • No surprise bills or contracts
  • Free residential installation

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Kid using Internet with 300 MBPS Internet in Chattanooga
Smart Network®

Get WiFi coverage for every corner of your home

Keep your home’s entertainment devices, smart appliances, and everything in between connected at maximum speeds. Free service calls keep your WiFi running smoothly.

Only at $9.99 /month

High speed fiber optic internet in the Chattanooga area
Smart Network Advantages

Want to use your own WiFi equipment? Consider this:

  • No-cost, unlimited tech support 24/7/365
  • Complete setup of your home's WiFi network
  • Free router replacement with the latest equipment
  • No upfront equipment costs
  • Cancel anytime

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Save by packaging TV, internet, and phone together

  • Ultra-fast, equal upload and download speeds
  • Stream your favorite movies and shows anytime, anywhere
  • Add exceptional call quality with Fi Phone®
  • Free installation, no contracts, and 24/7 local service
High speed internet in Chattanooga, Tennessee

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