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McAfee™ LiveSafe™

Keep your online activity safe from security threats

Fi-Speed Internet is protected by antivirus software

Award-winning McAfee™ LiveSafe™ antivirus software is included free with Fi-Speed Internet. Continuous protection and ongoing security updates ensure your network is always safe from malicious attacks and online threats while you browse, search and download files.


McAfee™ is a trusted name with exceptional benefits

  • Award-winning software that’s easy to use
  • True Key™ facial and fingerprint password technology by Intel Security*
  • Anti-spam filter for email accounts
  • Firewall security
  • Multi-device security management console
  • Parental controls
  • Secure cloud storage up to 1GB

*True Key™ is a password management system that uses facial or fingerprint recognition to instantly log you into your websites and apps across your devices

How to take advantage of rebates

  • Visit your MyEPB portal on
  • Click “Change Existing Service” and scroll down to the McAfee icon
  • Click “Install Now” and follow the simple instructions
  • If you need further assistance, call or text the EPB Tech Pros at 423-648-1372