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EPB Billing
Understanding Your Bill

See how your monthly costs are calculated

Let’s break down everything that goes into your bill

Many different factors go into determining your energy costs

  • Kilowatt Hours – The power it takes to run a 100-watt bulb for 10 hours
  • Total Fuel Cost – The coal and natural gas TVA uses to generate electricity
  • Increased Usage – Hot and cold weather means greater energy use
  • Efficient Operations – We work hard to keep rates below the national average

Six steps to easily calculate your current energy costs

Step 1: Read your meter – The five numbers from your installed smart meter are kilowatt hours used.

Step 2: Look at your last bill – Subtract last month’s kilowatt hours from the number you just wrote down.

Step 3: Multiply by the kilowatt hour rate – The current residential rate is $0.09095.

Step 4: Multiply by fuel cost adjustment – The June fuel cost adjustment will be $0.02052.

Step 5: Add rate and fuel cost adjustment together

Step 6: Include flat monthly rate – Add in the flat rate of $9.81 to get your total.

Residential Rate Schedules | Monthly Fuel Cost


Your energy bill is a tool for monitoring efficiency

In addition to account balance information and due dates, your energy bill also provides some perspective on your energy use. Compare detailed daily usage for the current month vs. last month or last year. A trend of higher-than-normal usage may indicate the need for home improvements to enhance energy efficiency. We also include helpful energy tips featuring ways to make the most of your energy use throughout the year.


See your energy use, securely pay your EPB bills and more!

  • View up-to-the-minute energy usage so you can better anticipate bills
  • Pay your Energy and Fiber Optics bills conveniently and securely
  • Report outages and monitor restoration progress on your smart phone
  • Get app notifications for outage updates, bill alerts & usage spikes
Monitor your energy usage in Chattanooga, Tennessee
Home Energy Tracker

Log onto your myEPB portal to see your energy breakdown

  • See a complete breakdown of your current energy costs
  • Compare costs to last month and last year
  • See energy use predictions based on the weather
  • Learn about money-saving improvements you can make

Your Fiber Optics bill can enhance your service

Your fiber optics bill includes a line item list of subscribed services and charges – which generally stay the same month to month. However, each statement gives you the opportunity to evaluate opportunities to upgrade your service and get the most from available connectivity options. For example, moving from 300 Mbps internet to the Gig will enhance speed and performance in homes with multiple users and devices. And, adding Smart Network provides a worry-free way to maximize the performance of your WiFi network in every corner of your home.

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