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Levelized Billing

Prevent unexpected bills from ruining your budget

For predictable bills in unpredictable weather, go Levelized

Your energy bill can fluctuate greatly throughout the year as heating and air conditioning needs change. Levelized Billing prevents drastic changes in your bill, even during the coldest and hottest months of the year.

If you've been our customer at your current location for at least 12 months and your account is up to date, we can calculate your monthly bill based on a "rolling average" of your power usage over the last 12 months. That means your bill won't fluctuate very much month to month and unlike Budget Billing, you won't need to settle any billing difference at the end of the year.

You can sign up for Levelized Billing through the MyEPB portal, or by contacting a customer service representative via email or online chat.

Find ways to save with your Home Energy Tracker

  • See how your home uses energy from our secure, online portal
  • Perform a DIY home evaluation to discover ways to improve efficiency
  • View energy savings tips specific to your home
  • Get a bill analysis with your appliance electric cost breakdown
  • Discover your energy use projections based on weather forecasts
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Never worry about paying again with auto draft & credit card options

Paperless Billing

Go green and save postage with emailed bills and links to pay options.