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Family watching TV services in Chattanooga, TN
Traditional & Streaming TV Options

Watch TV your way with options that fit your lifestyle

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Find the channels you want at the price you want to pay

We'll help you find the programming you want to watch at the best price — whether that's with EPB Fi TV, streaming services, or a combination of both.

  • Get personalized TV package recommendations
  • Build your perfect bundle, with or without Fi TV
  • Never worry about contracts or installation fees
  • Get your locals and a traditional TV experience
  • Take control of what you pay and how you watch
  • Get more of what you love for the best value

Get a traditional TV experience with EPB Fi TV

  • Fi TV app, powered by the world's fastest internet
  • Local networks, live sports & live TV – no set top box required
  • Watch simultaneously on up to 10 TVs and devices
  • Never miss a show – Restart, Replay, On Demand & Unlimited DVR
Chattanoogas most reliable Smart Network Internet Service
Cut The Cord

Discover an easy way to pay less for the TV you love

Switch to streaming services and take greater control of your TV costs. Pay for only the apps with the content you want. Plus, we’ll help make it easy to make the switch.

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Unlimited DVR

Add our Unlimited DVR and watch anywhere

  • Best in industry – just $5 a month
  • Watch recordings anytime, anywhere
  • Keep recordings up to 9 months
  • Record as many shows as you’d like on multiple devices

Find the channels you want at the price you want to pay

  • Answer a few easy questions about what you like to watch
  • MyBundle searches hundreds of streaming options
  • You see personalized recommendations that match your preferences
  • Find your perfect TV bundle, whether that includes EPB Fi TV or not
  • Get more of the shows and movies you want at the best possible price
Watching Chattanooga TV Services
The Gig®

Stream all you want with the best local internet value

  • Run all of your devices at the same time with no buffering or lag time
  • 1,000 Mbps - up to 10 times faster than other providers
  • Download and upload at the same fast speed – an industry best!
  • Just $10 more a month than our 300 Mbps starting speed

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