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    Your home’s internet is designed to provide reliable speed and performance. If you need assistance, please refer to the resources below for more information.


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    It depends. Like all technology, wireless routers are continually improved and updated so performance could be based on the age and type of router. We recommend that you check your wireless router with a “speed test” to ensure you are receiving the best performance from your new speed, and upgrade your router if necessary.

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    There are many reasons why you may not be achieving Gigabit speeds. Let's start by pointing out that the best way to get the maximum internet speed is to connect your computer directly to the EPB Fiber Optics jack using a Cat 5e ethernet wire. Keep in mind that advertised speeds can rarely be achieved on WiFi because the signal strength diluted over a wireless network. If you're using a WiFi router, there are several factors that can affect your performance. The age and type of wireless router, as well as its placement in your home are determining factors of speed and performance. And, like all technology, wireless routers are continually improved and updated for better performance. If you're using older equipment that wasn't made to handle such speeds, we recommend that you upgrade your router and computer if necessary.

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    We're using the internet more than ever before. In fact, the average household already has more than twenty connected devices, and some experts project that number will triple in the next few years. Gaming consoles, smartphones, tablets, PC’s, thermostats, doorbells, security cameras, smart TV’s, streaming media devices (Amazon Fire Stick TV, Apple TV, etc) and many, many more devices are becoming part of our everyday lives. And, with the whole family using your home's internet at the same time, the more bandwidth (speed) you have the more you can do, without lagging or buffering.

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    Minimum equipment requirements include: Processor - Intel i5 3.2GHz or higher and AMD FX-8120 or higher, Memory - 8GB or higher, Operating System (OS) - Windows 8.1 or Apple Mac OSX 10.8 or higher, PCIx Hard Drive with Sequential Read/Write over 1.25 GigaBytes per second.

    We suggest you do, in order to get the most from your Fi-Speed Internet service. More people are using their Wi-Fi network to access video content like app-based EPB Fi TV, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix and more. Plus, internet-connected devices like security cameras, gaming consoles, smart locks, baby monitors, smart thermostats, smart appliances and more – running all at the same time – can create additional drag on Wi-Fi networks. Studies suggest that households will soon average about 30 connected devices. So to help you make the most of your EPB Fiber Optics internet, in-home Wi-Fi network set up, maintenance and support provided by EPB Smart Net Plus is more important than ever.

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    EPB recommends a dual band 802.11ac or newer for 300 mbps internet service. We recommend a tri-band 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) router for gig customers and larger homes – especially with multiple internet devices and users. EPB Smart Net Plus service includes the right router professionally installed, network setup optimized for maximum Wi-Fi performance and anytime expert support for just $17.99 (plus tax) per month.

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    Keep routers away from microwave ovens, wireless phones and other major appliances. Also, locating your router near brick walls, floors, ceilings and other obstacles that can impede the signal. Also, change the router channel from the factory default setting to another option in order to differentiate your signal from those of your neighbors.

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