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My speed test doesn't show a full 300 megabits, 1,000 megabits or 10,000 megabits?

Try the steps below to resolve your issue.

It is very important to understand that you will not get the full 300 Mbps, 1Gig or 10 Gigs speed with wireless devices connected to the network via a WiFi router, even though you will still enjoy speeds much faster than other types of broadband networks. If speeds are far below, it’s usually a router issue. You may have an out-of-date model. Even if your router is up-to-date you may need to reboot it, relocate it so that it covers more of your home. When performing network speed tests, be sure that your device is wired to the network and that no other applications are running. Even running an email application in the background can affect test results.

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