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Where To Plant

Plant today for tomorrow’s growth

Where you plant is just as important as what you plant.

Different types of trees and shrubs grow in different ways. So you’ll want to consider how the foliage you select will mature over time, and choose planting locations that’ll ensure it grows clear of power lines – to reduce the potential for power outages in the future.

Safely planting away from power lines

Make sure you plant trees and shrubs far enough away from power lines and equipment so that future growth doesn’t endanger energy service delivery. Consult this handy chart of the most common indigenous species, and the safest distance to plant them away from power lines.

Large Trees

Mature height over 50 ft, such as Sugar Maples, Oaks, Magnolias & Bold Cypress.

Medium Trees

Mature height up to 50 ft, such as American Yellowwood, Black Gum, Elms & Hollies.

Small Trees

Mature height up to 30 ft, such as Redbuds, Crepe Myrtles, Dogwoods & Cherry.

A good rule of thumb for green thumbs.

When determining where to plant new trees and shrubs, apply this simple rule of thumb: Look at the tree’s tag or do a quick online search to find out its mature height, and then plant it that same distance away from power lines and equipment.


Did you know?

According to the Arbor Day Foundation, trees that require full sun need a minimum of six hours of sun per day to thrive. When considering a new tree, take note of how much sun your intended planting location gets before breaking ground.

Look up & Call before you dig!

After you’ve found the spot where you’d like to plant, it’s best to do two simple things before you start digging. First, look up for any overhead power lines. You never want to plant directly under overhead power lines. And second, call 811 to find out if there are any utility lines buried underground. Both of these important steps could protect you from problems down the road.

Still unsure of where to plant? Talk to a Pro.

EPB Energy Pro Arborists are experts in choosing, planting and caring for trees, shrubs and other vegetation. If you have questions about what and where to plant, and would like one of our Energy Pro Arborists to contact you, please submit a request below.


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