Tree Planting Tips

Spruce up your lawn with added peace of mind

Planting & caring for new trees is rooted in benefits

Trees and shrubs add beauty to your lawn while providing food and natural habitats for local wildlife, replacing canopy lost to storm damage, and reducing soil erosion that helps protect the environment. Not only that, but trees also provide cooling shade that can help lower your energy bill – so it’s important that we take care of them. Consider the helpful advice below from the EPB Energy Pro Arborists on choosing, planting and caring for new trees.

Working to prevent power outages in Chattanooga at EPB


  • In our area, milder temperatures combined with good Fall rains enable roots to get well established before harsh winter weather sets in.
  • Cooler Autumn weather also helps eliminate pests such as weeds, diseases and insects that can hinder new growth.
  • Early Fall planting naturally results in earlier Spring blooming of flowering trees and plants.
  • Be sure not to plant climbing vines near power poles or guide wires.
  • Make sure that you plant well away from power lines. A good rule of thumb is to plant trees the same distance away from power equipment as the height of the matured tree. In other words, if your tree will mature at 20’ tall, then plant it 20’ away from utility poles.
  • And keep in mind, shrubs or vines planted within 3’ to the side of, or 12’ in front of, ground-mounted transformer boxes will have to be removed if access is ever needed to that equipment.

Why We Trim

Our arborists maintain vegetation to prevent outages during storms.

Where to Plant

Anticipating future growth is key to proper planting at your home.