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Air Leak Tests Gauge home efficiency with Blower Door & Duct Blaster Tests
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Why test?

Make sure your home isn’t losing energy.

Drafty homes waste energy. And whether old or new, no home is 100% air tight. Discovering and repairing home air leaks is the first step towards better energy efficiency.

Blower Door Test

Find air leaks around doors & windows

Duct Blaster Test

Find air leaks in your HVAC system

A good value

We’ll conduct both tests for only $250

Blower Door Test

Energy Pros determine if your home is airtight

  • First, a powerful fan is fitted into the frame of an exterior door
  • The fan is turned on and sucks the air out of the house
  • Digital gauges compare the air pressure of inside the home vs outside
  • This determines how much air is leaking into the house
Duct Blaster Test

Energy Pros find air any leaks in your HVAC ducts

  • A fan connected to the return grille forces air through the ductwork
  • Fan speed is increased until precise leak measurements are made
  • Airflow & pressure gauges measure leakage
  • Theatrical fog is used to uncover leaks around doors & windows
Test Results

A detailed report highlights air leaks & needed repairs

  • You’ll get an “ACH” or Air Changes per Hour rating
  • An ACH of 4-5 means a semi-airtight home, 6+ means a leaky home
  • You’ll get an “CFM” or Cubic Feet per Minute rating
  • A CFM below 1250 is reasonably airtight, 1300+ means a leaky home
Fixing air leaks

If your home is drafty, there are some easy DIY fixes

  • Install new weather stripping around leaky doors
  • Caulk around window and baseboard air leaks
  • Install foam gaskets behind outlet & switch plate covers
  • Consider hiring a pro to replace windows, doors & more

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