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Flexible payment assistance options are available

We’re here to help

Choose billing options to fit your budget and schedule, from payment plans to flexible due dates. And in keeping with our mission of helping improve the quality of life for those we serve, we’re committed to helping you make special arrangements to pay bills as you can during through difficult financial times. We even offer arrangements for a third party to receive a copy of your bill and for landlords to keep the power on between tenants.

Billing assistance programs

Pick your due date

For the convenience of your budget and planning, you may request to be billed on one of four optional dates each month. To choose a due date that’s right for you, please chat with us.

Payment arrangements

We realize that there can be times when it's difficult or even impossible to pay on time. If you find yourself in this situation, please contact us prior to your payment's due date to make payment arrangements over the phone, online or in person at one of our three locations. You may still be responsible for late payment fees on any past due charges, including those charges that have been granted a payment extension.

To make payment arrangements, please chat with us.

Levelized Billing

Levelized Billing gives you the ability to predict your bill each month. If you've been our customer at your current location for at least a year, we can calculate your monthly bill based on a "rolling average" of your power usage over the last 12 months. That means your bill won't fluctuate very much month to month – and you won’t have to settle up any difference at the end of the year.

To sign up for Levelized Billing, please chat with us.

Power Share

Power Share is a year-round program that provides direct support to Chattanooga area families in need. The program is made possible by our customers who contribute funds through monthly electric power bills, or by making a pledge. All donated funds are given to United Way 211 – an outreach program that qualifies and distributes 100% of contributed funds to local families.

Other billing arrangements

Third-Party Notification

Our Third-Party Notification program helps you avoid service disconnections by having another person, such as a friend or family member, receive copies of bills and other important notices such as disconnect notices. To designate a person for this notification, please call us at 423-648-1372.

Landlord Agreement

For those who own rental property, we offer a landlord agreement to keep power on in rental spaces between the time tenants move out and new tenants arrive. The agreement protects the rental property owner from disconnect and reconnect fees. When a tenant discontinues service, EPB automatically switches billing into the property owner's name unless a tenant is disconnected for non-payment. In these instances, the next tenant should be advised to contact EPB to have the electric power service switched to their name.

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Promise to Pay

We’ll help you keep your power on in times of need

If you need assistance paying your bill, you can make arrangements with us. Please contact us prior to your bill’s due date to ensure your service remains active.

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