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Accessibility Assistance

Get your bill in a format that best suits you

Billing accessibility options

We offer a variety of options for receiving your billing information in the format you prefer.

Large print bill summary

We’re pleased to offer a large print bill summary to make reading your electric bill easier.

Detailed residential bills

By default, customers receive a simplified bill, showing the amount of electricity used and amount of payment they owe. However, we also offer a detailed bill with a breakdown of costs, including TVA’s current adjustment for the cost of fuel to generate energy.

Hearing impaired services

We have TeleTYpe (TTY) service available for our deaf and hard of hearing customers. The hearing impaired can also call 423-648-1372 for assistance.

Spanish services

Spanish speaking customers can receive bills and other materials in Spanish. We also have bilingual customer service representatives available.

Contact us anytime for more information on these billing options