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Start saving money on your energy bills today

Let an EPB Energy Pro help you identify ways to save energy, save money and live more comfortably year-round.

Schedule a Free EPB Energy Checkup℠

Start saving money on your energy bills today

Let an EPB Energy Pro help you identify ways to save energy, save money and live more comfortably year-round.

Schedule a Free EPB Energy Checkup℠

Your EPB Energy Pros
are ready to help you save — for FREE!

  • Thorough checkup of your home, including heating/cooling systems, insulation levels, air leaks and more.
  • Free, personalized report of ways you can save money each month.
  • Expert guidance on available rebates for new HVAC units, water heaters, air sealing and more.
  • Easy-to-schedule appointment only takes 90 minutes.
  • Make recommended improvements and start seeing the savings immediately.

Just have a quick question? An EPB Energy Pro is happy to give you a call!

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What you can expect

1. Schedule

Call, chat, or request a callback to schedule a home visit with an EPB Energy Pro.

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2. Meet with a Pro

A member of the EPB Energy Pros team will visit your home to perform an in-depth evaluation and answer your questions. It’s all free and we won’t try to sell you anything.

3. Save Energy, Save Money

Your personalized report will detail the ways you can reduce your home’s energy use, save money and increase your comfort.

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Real results from real experts

The improvements our Energy Pro recommended help us save 35% on our energy bills!

Susan Menzmer

EPB customer since 2007

  • John Headshot

    “Helping customers improve their homes with renewable energy options, electrical advice, and efficiency tips is very important.”

    John Watts

    EPB Energy Pro since 1994

  • Ron Headshot

    “Pointing out opportunities for simple energy improvements that homeowners may not have thought of before is what I love to do.”

    Ron Jones

    EPB Energy Pro since 2013

  • Nate Headshot

    “Assisting customers through the construction process of a new, energy-efficient Smart Build home is the best part of my job.”

    Nate Thomasson

    EPB Energy Pro since 2021

  • Jason Headshot

    “Helping Home Uplift recipients improve their life with lower bills and a better understanding of energy use is very rewarding.”

    Jason Eldridge

    EPB Energy Pro since 2010

  • Tracy Headshot

    “When I’m helping customers save on energy bills and in a more comfortable home, I really feel like I’m making a difference.”

    Tracy Frogge

    EPB Energy Pro since 2016

  • Wayne Headshot

    “Identifying all kinds of areas for greater home energy efficiency is how I can truly help people save money on their bills.”

    Wayne Cagle

    EPB Energy Pro since 2017

  • Nathaniel Headshot

    “Home Energy Checkups are perfect for helping customers better understand what they didn’t know about their home’s energy use.”

    Nathaniel Bowen

    EPB Energy Pro since 2021

  • Haven Headshot

    “Even small improvements can save energy. Simply showing a homeowner how to seal a door or window can make a big difference.”

    Haven Collins

    EPB Energy Pro since 2022

  • Ryne Headshot

    “As an expert arborist, I’m happy to help customers understand the connection between tree planting and power grid safety.”

    Ryne Frazier

    EPB Energy Pro since 2020

Frequently asked questions

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Are EPB Energy Pros services really free? What’s the catch?

Yes! Every Energy Pros service is available at no charge with zero “gotchas.” The program is designed to help our customers improve the energy efficiency in their homes by offering advice, recommendations, and energy-saving solutions at no cost. It's part of EPB's commitment to help our customers understand how their homes use energy and make improvements for long-term cost-savings. Click here to schedule your home energy checkup.

What is the process for scheduling a free EPB Home Energy Checkup?

You can schedule a home energy checkup in minutes by chatting with us online, calling or texting us at 423-648-1372 or scheduling a callback at this link. An EPB customer service representative will help find a time convenient for your schedule.

How long does an in-home energy checkup take?

While every home is different, a typical home energy checkup takes approximately 90-minutes to complete. This gives your EPB Energy Pro sufficient time to inspect your home’s heating and cooling systems, water heater, insulation, ductwork and check for air leaks before reviewing recommendations with you. Click here to schedule your home energy checkup.

What’s included in the personalized report?

Immediately after your home energy checkup, the EPB Energy Pro who completed your service will email you a personalized Home Energy Report. The report will summarize your home’s energy use and provide a score from 1 (needs work) to 5 (extremely good). You’ll also find details about the biggest energy users in your home and detailed recommendations for improvements you can make to save energy. Click here to schedule your home energy checkup.

Are home energy checkups available on the weekends?

Currently, we are only able to schedule home energy checkups Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

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