Select a Fi Phone plan

Crystal-clear home phone service with all the features you love - and you can keep your current number.

$ 22
.99 /MONTH + TAX

Ideal For

Cell phone reception dead zones- especially in case of emergency
  • Long distance for only 6ยข per minute
  • Voicemail, call waiting, call forwarding, call blocking and more
LD 120
$ 29
.99 /MONTH + TAX

Ideal For

Calling long distance on occasion, and cell phone reception dead zones
  • 120 minutes domestic long distance included
  • Voicemail, call waiting call forwarding, call blocking and more
$ 39
.99 /MONTH + TAX

Ideal for

Calling out-of-town friends & relatives without worrying about high bills
  • Unlimited domestic long distance
  • Voicemail, call waiting, call forwarding call blocking and more

Dial in additional Features

Choose from optional features to improve your plan.

Customize your privacy settings

Fi Phone enables you to keep your phone number and information private to reduce unwanted calls.

Non-Published Category - Omit my name from the phone book

This service omits your name, address and phone number from the phone-book for added anonymity.

$ 4
Primary Line

Non-Listed Category - Make my outgoing call anonymous

Keep your name and number from appearing on the Caller ID of those you call.

$ 2
Primary Line

24 Hour battery backup - Phone calls even during power outage

Keep your home phones charged to make and receive calls during power outages for up to 24 hours.

$ 14
.00 /MONTH
Primary Line

Phone Numbers

Keep your current phone number(s) by enabling us to port them from your previous provider to your new Fi Phone line(s).

Transfer to my Primary Line

Primary Phone