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What is "cutting the cord"?

It's pretty simple. When you cut the cord, you're cancelling a traditional TV package and building your own from hundreds of available streaming apps.

  • Find more of what you want to watch for less
  • Save money and cancel app subscriptions anytime
  • Many apps are free and loaded with great shows
  • Watch shows and movies anywhere you go
  • See local news on several streaming options
  • Stream hundreds of sporting events
Cut the cord and save money. We’ll help (seriously).

How much can you save? That’s up to you! You’re in control of the streaming apps you pay for when you eliminate your traditional TV bill. EPB customers are saving anywhere from a few dollars a month to over $1,300 a year!

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to traditional TV commitments and prices

With traditional TV, you’re locked into larger bundles that may include lots of channels you never watch, so you pay for more content than you want. And, as traditional TV prices keep going up, it's costing you more and more each year.

Say hello...

to greater control, flexibility, and savings

Streaming puts you in control of how much you spend. You can mix and match apps, with many available for free. Plus, streaming gives you more ways to find the content you love, and you can add and drop services any time.

3 reasons why you’ll love cutting the cord

Save Money

Why pay for channels you don’t watch? Choose the streaming apps that fit your budget.

Keep Local Channels

Many streaming apps offer the local networks and live news you love.

No Commitments

Subscribe this month. Cancel whenever. You’re in control!

Build your streaming bundle and see what you can save

Find the perfect combination of streaming services for the best price with expert guidance from our free TV customization tool, EPB MyBundle. Answer a few questions about your TV preferences, and get recommendations with price comparisons!

Streaming TV services in Chattanooga

Learn How to Cut the Cord Step-by-Step

We’ve compiled a host of videos to help you learn more about cord cutting and getting started. See how to save, stream, find the best free apps and more!

Have Questions About Cutting the Cord?

We’re happy to help. Explore answers to the most common questions we get below or get in touch with us!

How much you can save depends on what combination of traditional TV and streaming services you currently have — and what you choose to cut or keep. For example, a customer who eliminates their Fi TV Bronze service and chooses only free steaming apps can save a little over $300 a year. But someone with Fi TV Gold who cuts the cord and chooses a couple of apps like Discover Plus and Disney + can save over $1,200 a year. You’re in control! Cord-cutting is almost always worth it because it gives you the freedom to pick channels and networks you actually watch. Plus, you can use free services or try a new service and cancel it anytime.

It’s up to you! You can use any combination of traditional TV or streaming services, whether you want to cut the cord completely or just downgrade your TV package and add a few streaming services.

Absolutely not — your EPB Fi-Speed Internet price is always the same, whether you keep or cancel your EPB Fi TV subscription.

If you’re already watching movies and shows on apps like Netflix or Amazon Prime, then you already know how easy it is to download and sign up for streaming services.

Even if streaming is totally new to you, we’re here to help you get started. All you need is a smart TV or streaming device to open up a world of TV content, including free series and movies.

If you need help deciding, try our free TV customization service, EPB MyBundle. It shows you which streaming services can help you cut the cord and save.

Simply search for an app of your choice in your device’s app store and tap Install. Then, follow the instructions to sign up for service.

You can stream local channels, just like you would with traditional TV.

Check out these options for streaming our local affiliates:

  • Stirr — FREE. Get local NewsChannel 9 (ABC) programming, plus national shows like Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Dr. Phil, and much more.
  • Paramount+ — For $9.99/month, get all CBS content, including local news and sports such as News 12 Now (WDEF) as well as national CBS News and Primetime.
  • YouTube TV —For $64.99/month, get 85+ channels, including locals like WTVC News Channel 9 (ABC), WDEF News 12 Now (CBS), WRCB Channel 3 Eyewitness News (NBC), FOX Chattanooga, CW Chattanooga, Georgia Public Broadcasting, WTCI Chattanooga, and Telemundo 44.

Due to regional “blackouts,” sometimes it’s hard to tell which streaming services will provide the particular events you want to watch.

However, you can still stream sports — it’s just a little less reliable.

Here are some of the best apps available for streaming live sports:

  • Sling TV — NFL Network, ESPN, Red Zone, NHL, B1G Network
  • Fubo TV — ESPN, FS1, NBCSN, BEIN Sports, NFL Network, TUDN, CBS
  • ESPN+ — Bundle with Disney+ and Hulu for $13.99/mo.
  • Hulu + Live — ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, ACCN, BTN, CBS Sports, ESPN
  • YouTube TV — UFC, NBA, Motorsport, NFL Draft, MLB Tonight, and more!

Because we want you to have the best TV for the best price! The truth is, National TV providers are continuing to demand dramatic price increases from EPB and other providers. And we see no end in sight to this trend. We try to minimize the impact on you, but often, we have no choice but to pass the increases to you. Since cord-cutting offers more flexibility and money-saving options, we’re happy to help you switch.

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